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Ever have or had a crush on / been attracted to a fellow deviant? 

136 deviants said Yes. :love:
95 deviants said No. :unimpressed:

Devious Comments

AxelXenaMoon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
I was gonna send them a Valentine, but I don't even know him, so... >.>
Ghostly-Pretty Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2006
xD lol, not yet,... guess I'm a little TOO difficult :P ... and competitive sometimes, but I can't deny I have seen a few people here which I'd like to know better ^^
KatandLassie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2006
Actually,Yes.I've had a recent crush on a deviant.After I'm almost literarlly abandon Katandlassie(this account) I restarted on my new Main,Luperess. The most charming Deviant I've met commented on My first attempt at animation and said it was a wonderful approach and that he would continue to watch me progress.He's a sweetie and we're thinking of combining to make the ultimate animation.

No offense,Your awesome too :D
PineappleYoshi Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2006
->_>- ...
queenpili Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2006
Yes, I do..on YOU! :lol:
berserkhare Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2006
i do and i dont know why:D
killercore007 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2006
Opps, need to change answer.
MadCheshire Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2006
icefreak Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2006
3 second crush till I noticed he was male^^
But well I chose "no" (have no idea why :b)
princess-rose Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2006
well actaully nop coz i dont like 2 have a crush on somebody i neva saw in ma hole life!!
THNX AND GOOD BYE, btw happy new year everybody
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