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Have you ever had one of your images removed by dA's administrators? 

138 deviants said Never, I'm very careful when I submit something.
62 deviants said Yes. :crying:

Devious Comments

Yes, mostly before they changed the wallpaper rules and such.
I've also have had deviations moved...Like art that was very obviously pixel art was moved to oekaki because it was larger scale.
I had a bunch of sprite recolours removed a few months after I joined.
it hasnt happened yet:D
I can see that happening. xD
waluigis-girl Feb 2, 2006
Once, when I forgot to give credit for the website I got the base from. it pretty much just slipped my mind, but, even so, I had to pay the consequences.
CaribbeanBlue Jan 31, 2006   Traditional Artist
Can't say I've been really careful.. but never had anything removed.

Elfwood however.. :paranoid:
Yes, I must admit I've had. Copyright issues. I didn't know DA doesn't allow photographs of a tv-screen showing a video game and stuff... Or I wasn't quite sure. My current signature is a part of the note (slightly edited) that you recieve when your deviation is deleted.
LuigiUser Jan 30, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist whole gallery but one piece, I do miss posting my sprite animations here.
I remember that, I'm glad that you are still here even though your gallery was purged.
LuigiUser Feb 4, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yup, I had this strong ugre to leave when that happen, but decided to stay anyway, DA's full of friendly people like you. :)
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