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The "Mature content" filter... 

161 deviants said I don't need it. :D
40 deviants said I have it enabled.
38 deviants said I didn't knew that we had one. :O
24 deviants said Other?

Devious Comments

AxelXenaMoon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
I'm 13, so I SHOULD have it on...
Pimmy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2006
I turned it on the moment I got DA and havn't turned it off since XD; I'm kinda squeemish so I don't want to run into anything accidentally. And if I'm THAT curious about a pic, I can just push "veiw anyway" or browse on a club account X3
smashsweetie Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
don't bother turning it on since there are some great works out there with "mature" themes in it. also sometimes there are a few deviants who put it their works under mature content for no reason despite the fact that the deviations have no nudity or violence.
SigurdHosenfeld Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
True, I've seen many artists that label their deviations as "Mature content", even when they have very light suggestive content. Perhaps they do it to stay "safe", but still...
smashsweetie Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
true. better safe than sorry.
CellsArt Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006  Professional General Artist
Es un mal necesario hay gente que se asusta con los desnudos pero si es asi no se merecen ser llamados artistas
FireFiriel Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
I don't have it on because while some of the stuff that falls under that category (suggestive nudity, fetish stuff) really does offend me, much that would be headed Mature (non-suggestive nudity, violence) does not, and there's much of the latter that I wouldn't want to miss. ^_^
hollowzero Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I loves me some mature content, so I don't need the filter. :D

I wish there was a nice site like Devart for all the "porn" and "hentai" stuff. No seriously, I do.
SigurdHosenfeld Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
I think that there's one around there, but I'm not 100% certain. The closest thing was Sheezy before they changed their mature content policy.
DJ-Skylark Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006
What Mature Content Filter?

Don't need it.

1) I'm over 18.

2) Mature content doesn't bother me.

3) Even if something did, I know how to work this magical device called the "Back" button. :)

That, and half of my work now is "mature" (in the sense of blood and gore, not boobies...YET), so I have no issues.

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