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Alternative accounts: Do you have one? 

117 deviants said No, this is my only account.
27 deviants said Yes, a club account.
25 deviants said Yes, for other uses...
17 deviants said I have more than 2 accounts. :bucktooth:
7 deviants said Yes, this is my second account.
1 deviant said Yes, an stock account

Devious Comments

Kagurasbestfriend Jun 19, 2006  Student
yeah i have a a Kagura club! ~Freeasthewind
yoyo64 Jun 4, 2006
Yes. I have a club account, which is ~mystical-ninja-club! ^^ I have other accounts too but I never even really use them! XD So yeah, let's count it as that I have this account and the Goemon club only then! XDXDXD
Is my only account well, I co-administrate a FFXI club but it dont count as a count ^^; I guess
The only alternative accounts I have for right now is clubs.

My club accounts here:

MurkHellsing May 13, 2006

My avatar account. ;)
One account is more than enough for me, considering I have long periods of time when I barely update this one... I'm really not much of an internet person (unless, of course, I'm using the internet to procrastinate on something else, in which case I can't get enough of it). :lol:
I'm creating one surround my fan fic series. The character I created after you will be in the next story. This way I don't have to continue it on I have a lot to write, plus I'm going to give everyone a chance to post their art. Weather or not is has to do with the story. Why? I freakin love the Nintendo community. :D You guys are such free spirits and SO creative.

ChemicalAlia May 9, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Well, there is the Koopatorivm club account. But I'm sharing the management of it with a couple other mods. I don't think I could find the time in my life for another serious account here.
Honest truth? No, but I have debated it. I'm really not sure whether I should or not...
I have multiple clubs. I have whored some of them left, right, and sideways. :)
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