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I should do more fan art of... 

27 deviants said Mario Bros series (other characters besides Peach)
24 deviants said The Legend of Zelda (especify which one)
13 deviants said Other (especify which one)
12 deviants said Fire Emblem series
11 deviants said Starfox series
7 deviants said Metroid games
6 deviants said Kirby series
6 deviants said Earthbound series

Devious Comments

I forgot what I voted (XD) but you should draw McCloud and Krystal! ^_^
fallenangel27 Apr 29, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Personally, I think Mario Bros is good, but I kinda want to see star fox. ^_^ I've been a fan for quite a while and there just isn't a lot of good art for star fox on DA. Then again... I don't know if that has changed... I haven't been able to search on here cause it's limited to subscribers... I'm not a subscriber. X_X

So, How are you doing besides computer probs?
I'll vote for Mario's series!

Here my idea: Make pictures of SSBM style of Mario and the gang, who gravely encounter the new and approved Smithy from Mario RPG in SSBM style!

I just love the Super Smash Brother Melee design for Mario and the gang! I'll even bet Geno will look more awesome in SSBM style!
Needs more Tales of Symphonia, if you ask me.

But Fire Emblem is nice.
RayCipher Mar 29, 2005  Student Digital Artist
You should draw R2D2 sometime...
Yeah, I know I'm random. Thats like, my middle name. That and pyromaniac.
EmmatheEchidna Mar 29, 2005
I say you should do ToS art. ^-^
well well :!: I dont heehee ^^;
I say fan art from the Wild ARMs series would be a rare sight indeed. It's kinda sad that not that many people have played it. It's one of the best RPG series out there...except for two. Two was kinda weird. >_>
I vote Legend of Zelda, but any other character than zelda. Don't get me wrong, Zelda is awesome (VERY awesome)
but she shares at least a few similarities with Peach (hey, they're princesses)
so I think any other character should get in the spotlight.
Yes, but since at least people said that i should try a drawing of Malon probably I finish one of her soon :D
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