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What's your Favorite season? 

33 deviants said Winter
25 deviants said Summer
18 deviants said Spring
14 deviants said Autumn

Devious Comments

I like all, but I prefer winter, although what I like most of all are the different clothes!
I think that :-
SUMMER: is the best 'cause... THE BEACH, THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS GOING TO OTHER COUNTRYS that is the best part of summer

WINTER: is s2pid 'cause cold and dark nights thats not my type!!

SPRING: i haven't got anything against spring!!

AUTUMN: i have only 2 things against it the END of SUMMER and the STARTING of WINTER ( or is that 1 thing?? ^^; )
i like winter!!!^_^ lol
Eddz May 12, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
Spring is very nice, but it causes hayfever!
Summer is too hot @_@
Autumn is nice and cool, but there are always leaves EVERYWHERE XD
Winter.. :drool: Especially when it snows, and it gets so dark so early, and the sky always seems so much more nicer in Winter.. I'm rambling XD;
Camista May 10, 2005
I'm with my brother

SUMMER all the way! :heart:
Summer for me! :boogie:
winter! no creepy bugs, i like the clothes....
I am so much of a Summer person.
Winter is too darn long in Ohio.

We don't have four seasons in Ohio, we have six.

Spring, Soggy, Freakin' hot, autumn, Winter, Antarctic.
Reiku03 May 9, 2005  Professional General Artist
Winter is the best, days are shorter for longer nights, plus snuggling up in blankets for warmth makes sleep feel all the better, and I'm not the biggest fan of heat right now, especially dry burning Atlanta heat....crapeth, its gonna be one long summer :crying:
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