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Fanart or Original stuff? 

51 deviants said A little of both :nod:
13 deviants said Original - I like to look at your own creations :thumbsup:
9 deviants said Fan art!Fan art!! o@
1 deviant said None of above~! You suck anyway :iconfuckyouplz:
No deviants said Other (especify)

Devious Comments

Both. Because, original or fanart, your art is great. = D
I believe in original content as a way of life. I usually don't +fav fanart on here unless it's authorised and really good.
You really shine in your fanart, especially when it's of Peach ^_^ Though it's nice to see stuff that's original and unique too :D
hollowzero Jun 12, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have found..that fanart brings fresh meat in.

Fresh Meat definition: People who come to your page, give you a pageview, and possibly watch or fav your stuff, bringing in more "fresh meat"

Original stuff pleases the "fresh meat" that has stuck around and has become "friends" or "fans" or whichever.

MEANING..that I would like to see original stuff, but 87% of Devart would like to see more fanart. ;)
I like both, but I'm more curious to see your original stuff-- and more traditional art, since I really liked your Victorian Peach picture.
both :) fanart is good and i'm always looking forward to original work. ^^
RayCipher Jun 11, 2005  Student Digital Artist
... who said you suck... YOU DONT SUCK! YOUR ONE OF MY MUSES! *deep intake of breath*

I would like to see your original creations. :D
Both, but Fanart is bit sharper than Original, IMO.
Fanartfanartfanart!!!!! Heh XD Your original stuff is very nice too, but... I'm an uber geek with a fanart fetish so yeah ^-^
Both, definitely :nod: Your fanart's cute and very in-character, and your original art is fun to look at-your character designs are pretty good.
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