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Hypothetical question 1:Would you like to see mature/risque art on this gallery? 

31 deviants said Of course! :p
30 deviants said Do wathever you want, it's your gallery after all :shrug:
7 deviants said No way! :no:
4 deviants said Do that and I'll kill you slowly :chainsaw:
4 deviants said :iconrollplz:
3 deviants said *reads the title* Hypothe...what? :slow:
3 deviants said Other (especify)
1 deviant said :iconfuckyouplz:

Devious Comments

Falco-JIS Jul 27, 2005
In my opinion, I don't like mature content. But I don't see any of that in your art so it doesn't matter.
I think you don't need to do it, but I' m not who has to say you what to draw or not.:D
hollowzero Jun 16, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since this is DA, you can only go so far, so be careful with what you post.

AND if your picture is deleted, just leave it be, don't protest, it gets you nowhere. ;)

I love all forms of art, and if it's well done, I'll like it. I mean..I saw some hentai of a girl making out with a corpse of another girl, who had maggots all over and such. But it was quite well drawn and was so macabre..I found it beautifully insane.

I'm sure you won't go that far, but I'm just saying I'll never have a problem with "mature" stuff that you post. :)

I would post mature stuff, but a week ago I found out that my mother views this site, or at least knows how to get there. So no mature stuff for me, well, nix gore. She's used to me drawing gore. :lol:
Peach NSFW? Interesting :plot:
Sugarmanx Jun 15, 2005
I live in Las Vegas so I see "risque" galleries all the time :p

As Emporer Palpatine said in Episode III, "Do what must be done."
waluigis-girl Jun 15, 2005
Knowing you, I'd expect a 'mature' pic of Peach from you... ^^;
KawaiiNekoGirl Jun 15, 2005
X_________X NOOOO! Don't pervert my mind! I'm innocent! ;.; :cries:
I know, I know.I see that most of my watchers are underage girls, so posting a mature picture here is a remote possibility.
Draw whatever you enjoy drawing- But please warn us if there is mature art *doesn't want to be mentally scarred XD*
Don't worry, in the very, I mean, very remote contiext of posting a mature image here, I'll do several warnings (I'm aware that most of my watchers are underage girls O_O )
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