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Your opinions about pageviews... 

39 deviants said I love them, they make me feel better about my art :deviation:
29 deviants said They are ok
16 deviants said I don't care about them :|
7 deviants said Other (tell me)
4 deviants said I loathe them T_T

Devious Comments

Eddz Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
It gives you confidence, as people are actually stopping by to look at your art. But I don't think you can judge peoples' art by it - it's just a feature that makes dA fun - to an extent.
kargath64 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2005
MattGreen Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005
They are okay, but they shouldn't be placed before artwork. =]
BettyKwong Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
i don't care about pageviews. people with more pageviews aren't god ~_~ it's just that people think the more popular you are the better at drawing you are.. but i dont think of it this way.. I think people shouldn't take the pageviews so seriously @_@ it's just how many people came to your page that's all.
dragonpreistess Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005
i like them they let me see if any one takes the time to look at my work
Saiyan-puff Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005
I like pageviews cause it shows that people appreciate what I do. Comments kick butt though. :3
DJ-Skylark Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005
I don't mind pageviews. I mean, I'm not an egotist whose art production depends solely on how many views I get. I mean, it feels good when people look at my art, but they don't mean as much to me.

That's why I voted, "They're okay".
Evilbutterfly666 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
I just think they're way over-rated. Then again, a lot of online communities have similar silly things. When I was part of "The Lounge", a whole bunch of us were racing to be the first person to have 1,000 posts. On "" everyone compares word counts-- but then again, that's legitimate since the whole POINT of that is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. But the big difference between The Lounge and Nanowrimo and DA is that on the Lounge and Nanowrimo, your stats weren't seen as popularity or as a mark of status like they are here. I find it annoying the way people here seem to take something as silly as pageviews so seriously. Come on, even on Nanowrimo people act more light-hearted about word counts, and your word count is an actual achievement and something you have control over.

...Heh, if you couldn't tell, I'm VERY biased in favor of Nanowrimo.
ChetRippo Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
I like my stuff being looked at, so I think page views help me figure that at lest they came to look.
Sugarmanx Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2005
I came here to meet other people and share comments with them. Input on making my artwork better is also a plus.
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